Atonement Endowment Program FAQ

What is an Endowment and Why Do We Have an Endowment Program?

To endow means to leave a legacy, to provide a future income, to invest in the future or to carry forward that which we cherish now. A gift is invested in an endowment fund and the income earned on the investment is used to support and expand ministries that are beyond the normal resources of the church.  

An endowment program provides the opportunity to insure the spiritual, educational and outreach programs at Atonement will be funded in perpetuity. It is a means for you to express special thanks to God for the many blessings and gifts you have received and allows you to return a portion of assets accumulated during your life’s work to further build God’s Kingdom.

How Does the AEP Fit Into the Church's Current Stewardship Program?

There are basic areas to which we currently give including the ministry funding plan (annual budget) and outreach ministry including Family ESL, K-9 Comfort Dog, Central Ohio Mission Association and Uganda Missions.  Each area is crucial to the life of the church.  The AEP was established to finance new ministry programs and projects. It is important to note that the AEP is not meant to provide funding for shortfalls in the operating budget.   

Who Manages the Endowment Fund?

Atonement’s Endowment Fund is managed by the Lutheran Legacy Foundation with oversight by

Stewardship Committee members.  

Does the Atonement Endowment Program Have Written Policies and Procedures?

On June 7, 2015 the voters of Atonement Lutheran Church unanimously approved the establishment of the Atonement Endowment Program. The Proposal to Establish the Atonement Endowment Program along with a three-page summary of this Proposal which was provided to the voters prior to the Voters Assembly are provided under Key Links. These documents outline the policies and procedures for the Atonement Endowment Program.