WHat Parents Are Saying...  

"I think your preschool program is the best.  You are doing a great job!" 


"You should be charging more...the quality is so awesome!!!" 


"Your program is kid-friendly and not money oriented."


"I love the friendly environment and the small class size." 


"I like the way that the teachers and assistants get to know every child and family and get to know what each child's interests are." 


"I like the quality time that my child gets in school.  The individual attention that he gets from his teacher has helped him a lot in his overall development."


"We will recommend this program to as many parents as we can.  The great job the teachers at ALPS are doing is commendable." 


"Your staff is the BEST!  We respect you for the work that you are doing." 


"I would recommend this program because of the friendly nature of all ALPS staff, the affordable tuition fees, and good teaching techniques; actually, the whole program."


"The best thing I like is that you teach from the Bible, which is God's Word."


"Hats off for your good efforts and for understanding my child in every aspect.  She will surely miss your daily hugs."


"The structure and curriculum have been life-changing for our child.  He has grown so much, learned so much, and made some great friends.  I'll be sad to send him off to elementary school."


"I feel that ALPS really cares about my child.  I can't say enough good things."