exists to connect people to Jesus

by meeting summer child care needs!


*We offer a fun, safe, Christ-centered setting

where children can learn and grow.


Frequently Asked Questions:


 1.  What is my child going to be doing all day?    Each day, the ALPS PALS staff will follow a basic daily schedule that allows your child to engage in art/craft activities, music and movement, outdoor play and games, individual choice time, quiet rest time, lunch, snacks, and so much more.


2.  Will there be field trips?    As the summer proceeds, we will schedule off-site field trips based on parent availability for transportation.  If parents are working and are unavailable to help with transportation, we will stick with in house field trips.


3.  What are "in-house" field trips?    In house field trips are "special" events that we host right here in our center.  Examples are COSI on Wheels, Firemen Visit, librarian story hour, and more.


4.  Do we have to provide lunch?  Yes.  Each student must pack a cold lunch each day.  You may provide "hot" items, but they must be in a thermos.  We are not allowed to heat things on site.


5.  What about snacks?    Each family will get to provide snacks one week of the summer.  We will post a snack calendar on the parent information board the first week of camp and will give you a reminder note and a snack guidelines flyer prior to your week.


6.  Will my child be watching TV or playing the computer at camp?   We limit TV time and encourage and engage students in other areas like games and manipulatives.  However, we know that the week can be long for students and that there are times when they want to just "chill out" in front of a good movie or computer game.  Occasionally we offer an afternoon with a movie and popcorn.


7.  What is rest time?  Does my child have to sleep?    Rest time is a 30-45 minute period after lunch when we all take a little rest.  Students are NOT required to sleep.  Preschool students will be provided with cots and are encouraged to stretch out, rest, and "read" a good book.  Elementary students move to the "big" kids quiet area and get comfortable on beanbags, pillows, the couch, etc. and read or engage in another individual, quiet activity. 


8.  Will my child go swimming?    NO.  We do not do field trips to the pool, nor do we set up swimming pools on site.  We do however provide lots of opportunities for water play with slip-n-slides, sprinklers, spray bottles, sponges, etc.  ALL students are asked to keep an extra set of clothes and a swimsuit/towel on site for those water play activities.


9.  Will my child be learning anything this summer?    ABSOLUTELY!  The staff of ALPS PALS Summer Camp incorporate learning activities into every day.  We will have weekly themes that serve as a foundation for our summer curriculum.  We will build on those themes and will expand your child's knowledge about each theme and the world around them.


10.  What about the basics?    Each day your child will engage in learning activities as part of our regularly scheduled day...reading time (both teacher led and independent), counting and math games, alphabet and phonics games, and so much more.  However, this is summer!  You will see those activities wrapped up and disguised in lots of fun!  :)


11.  Do I have to pay weekly?  NO.  You can pay weekly, monthly, or even for the entire summer at one time.  The only thing we ask is that you pay ahead of time, prior to the week of care for your child.  (eg.  the beginning of the week, the beginning of the month, the start of the summer)


12.  Who do I pay?    Outside of the director's office, near the preschool entryway, is a lock box for tuition payments.  Just fill out your check and place it inside with your child's name in the memo line.  Envelopes are available.  Parents paying cash MUST use an envelope.


13.  What does Christ-centered mean?    It means that each and every staff member acts with love and compassion and grace on a daily basis.  Staff share their love for Jesus and the story of Jesus' love, grace, forgiveness and salvation through word and action every day.


14.  Will there be a Christian Curriculum?    Students will go to chapel once a week (depending on the days they attend) with Pastor Richard.  Pastor Richard shares the basic tenets of the Christian Faith with them through reading the Bible, prayer, and songs of praise.  Additionally, staff members incorporate individual Bible stories in the curriculum for the week based on chosen themes.