THE STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE (Rick Krombach [Chair], Bernie Erven, Keith Jennings, John Lindaman, Kimberly Payne and Faith Rechel) is developing a proposal for an endowment fund. Church Council and Pastor are supportive of this effort.


THE PURPOSE OF AN ENDOWMENT FUND would be to encourage, receive and manage special gifts, charitable donations, memorials and bequests intended for long-term support of Atonement's ministry. An endowment fund would neither compete with current giving nor substitute for the annual operating budget. Interest earned on principal would be the main source of support.


THE NEED AND OPPORTUNITY for an endowment fund are apparent. From time to time, there are Atonement members, families and friends who prefer that their special gifts have an assured long-term impact on the church's ministry. It is neither the size nor frequency of these potential gifts that motivates the Stewardship Committee to take forward to Council and the Voters' Assembly a proposal for an endowment program. Instead it is a responsibility to respond to our Lord's command to be good stewards of our blessings, resources and opportunities.


CURRENTLY all undesignated memorial, celebratory and other miscellaneous gifts to Atonement end up in the general operations fund. Such gifts are neither cumulative nor directed for support of Atonement's mission long-term. We have the opportunity through an endowment program to maximize the effectiveness and creative use of gifts.   We can generate supplemental earnings from gifts for uses such as start-up funds for new congregational ministries and needs. Whether it is starting something like a K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, Stephen Ministry, member services, a mission site, transportation service with a church van or God-knows-what (and really, He does); an endowment could provide essential seed money for future initiatives.  Certainly good stewardship principles and the example of our Lord and Savior suggest that our ministry can benefit greatly from special gifts.


You will be hearing much more about progress in the formation of the endowment in the months ahead. In the meantime, you can help the process along:

  1. Pray for the Stewardship Committee that its work on this important project will be God pleasing and for the good of Atonement ministry.
  2. Consider volunteering for a sub-committee that will develop a proposal for presentation to Council and Voters' Assembly this November. (For more information, please contact Bernie Erven who is chairing the endowment development.)
  3. Contact any member of the Stewardship Committee with your questions, comments and suggestions about how an endowment fund could work and benefit our ministry long-term.
  4. Begin to think and pray about your own possible gifts, memorials, honorary giving and bequests to an Atonement endowment program.

 The Stewardship Committee prays that you will share our enthusiasm and vision for an endowment program.

We are encouraged in our efforts by words from the great hymn, We All Are One in Mission.        


We all are one in mission

Our varied gifts united

By Christ, the Lord of all. 


Our ministries are different

Our purpose is the same:

To touch the lives of others.

Through God's surprising grace.